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Timeless Salon & Spa is now known as Timeless Salon and Suites! 

As our world changes, so has your Timeless Salon! 
Upon opening 12 years ago, Timeless once offered all hair services, nail services (including side-by-side pedicures), facials, waxing and massage.  Times have changed, our professional staff has changed, our services have changed, and finally, the structure of the business has changed. 
The pandemic has made all of us aware of our space in relation to one another.  There are now hesitations before handshakes, distancing where there were once hugs, and extra distance that we all may give to make another human being feel safe and respected.  Salon professionals are no different.  We miss the hugs and the hand shakes, but our clients comfort and relaxation is our number one concern.  Not only are we aware of the comfort that a client may have with their salon professional, but we are aware of the comfort/discomfort they may feel with being in close proximity to others in a salon environment.  Timeless recognized this and decided it was time to pivot.
With the already existing space that was in Timeless Salon, we were able to very quickly transform 3 rooms into "suites".  The Timeless Suites are designed for comfort and privacy for 3 stylists and their clients.  The suite guests will arrive through the appropriate door (adjacent to the salon entrance) and it has its own waiting area.  Upon arrival, a client may relax with a complimentary beverage.  Our suite staff will then greet you and guide you to the appropriate room.  These rooms are fully -functional salon rooms, where your entire service will take place from beginning to end.  The intimate setting allows for maximum comfort and the least amount of interaction from anyone other than your salon professional.  Each room is maintained by the suite professional, follows all safety protocol and state board guidelines.  
The original salon of Timeless will remain.  We feel that our hair stations are spread out enough and our schedules vary enough to offer maximum comfort with the joy of working alongside what we consider some of the finest ladies in our business!  If ever there is a desire to try an appointment in our suites, rest assured, once again, your comfort is our first concern and we will be happy to book you with one of our very talented salon professionals that now occupy a suite!
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